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Pink Leopard Digital Planner Sunday Month | Monday Start


This Undated Digital Planner comes with 545 pages COMPLETELY linked! You can navigate the links on any page. The month, weeks, and daily layouts have numbered links making digital planning a breeze! No swiping through multiple pages unless you just like that!

Each monthly section has 5 different layouts for monthly finance, habits, notes, reflections, and a blank page that you can use for whatever. 

This file has the months starting on Sunday (like many traditional calendars) but gives you the weeks starting on Monday so you can enjoy having your weekdays start on Monday and weekends are at the end of the week!

(These features don’t work the same with all Android apps, XoDo and Noteshelf allow you to click on the links, but Metamoji doesn’t. Please be aware before purchasing.)

If you aren’t sure, you can get my FREE Digital Notebook to try before you buy.


What you get:

  • A fully linked undated digital planner with month, week, and daily layouts.
  • Months start on a Sunday and weeks start on a Monday.
  • There are hyperlinks on every month, week, and day layout so you can quickly jump to the day you need.
  • Meal Planner and Shopping List
  • Habit Tracker used to track any task or habit you are trying to be consistent with.
  • Goals layout that has a place for short-term and long-term goal planning.
  • Vision Board to plan your year or a project.
  • Password keeper so you don’t have to remember that information.
  • Contacts list for addresses and numbers
  • Gift list for special occasions 
  • Finance spread so you can keep your budget on track. Can be duplicated as many times as needed.
  • 5 Extra sections that you can customize as needed. (Hyperlinked as well)
  • Blank, Notebook Paper, Dot Grid, and Graph Paper that can be duplicated as needed.
  • Digital Stickers to match!
  • Video walkthrough of how to use a digital planner. 



Take a look at my video and see all the goodness that’s included! PLUS FREE stickers to use!

I’ve LOVE to see how you use it so please tag me and you could be featured in a future post!

Since this is a digital file and can’t be returned,  we have a NO REFUND POLICY. Thanks for understanding!


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