Rainbow Delight Undated Fully Linked Digital Planner | Sunday Month, Monday Start


Have you been looking for a cheerful digital planner? Look no further!

I’ve got you covered! I wanted something bright and cheerful so I created my Rainbow Delight digital planner!

Over 460 pages COMPLETELY linked! It’s un-dated so you can use it year after year but you can totally click on links that bring you to months to weeks to days and so on!

(These features don’t work the same with all Android apps, XoDo and Noteshelf allow you to click on the links, but Metamoji doesn’t. Please be aware before purchasing.)

If you aren’t sure, you can get my FREE Digital Notebook to try before you buy.

This file has the months starting on Sunday like many traditional calendars but gives you the weeks starting on Monday so you can enjoy having your

Weekdays start on Monday and weekends at the end of the week!

Take a look at my video (featuring the Goodnotes 5 app) and see all the goodness

that’s included! PLUS 140 FREE stickers to use!

If you’d like the Goodnotes version of the pre-cropped stickers, just shoot me an email! 🙂

I’ve LOVE to see how you use it so please tag me and you could be featured in a future post!




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