Rainbow Delight Digital Appointment Planner

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Rainbow Delight Digital Appointment Planner

This bright appointment planner is sure to brighten your day as you jot down your appointments! Easy layout, simple and clean! 12 dividers for each month of the year makes future scheduling a breeze! It’s UNDATED so you can use this appointment planner year after year! This file comes with 1 PDF file to use in an annotation app like GoodNotes5, Zoomnotes, Noteshelf, MetaMoJi Note, Notability, and Xodo to name a few!

(These features don’t work the same with all Android apps, XoDo and Noteshelf allow you to click on the links, but Metamoji doesn’t. Please be aware before purchasing.)

If you aren’t sure, you can get my FREE Digital Notebook to try before you buy.

See it in action!


If you are looking for a full digital planner to use, then check my fully linked Rainbow Delight Digital Planner!


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