MetaMoJi Note Digital Planning

MetaMoJi Note Digital Planning 

There are a few apps out there to use for your digital planners. If you are an Apple users, you most likely use GoodNotes4 or GoodNotes5 or at the very least heard of GoodNotes. 

It is a favorite because it has clickable links to use and make your PDF “flip” through like a real planner among lots of other cool features.

But we are here to talk about MetaMoji Note. As time goes by and people request features they like, MetaMoji Note makes updates.

image of Metamoji Note Digital Planning

Metamoji doesn’t allow you to click on the “tabs” but they do have a Jump feature that lets you “jump” to different sections of the planner. I show you in this video. You will need the paid version to use the jump feature. 

You can add images or “digital stickers” into your planner. They can be copied or duplicated over and over making using stickers a whole lot of fun! 

MetaMoji Note is used by more Android users, and while I can’t show you a video with an Android since I have an Apple, I can show you the interface and how to use it.

I hope this video helps give you an idea on if you want to use MetaMoji Note for your digital planning!

image of Rainbow Delight Digital Notebook


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