Is Digital The New Paper?

Are you still using a paper day planner? Top reasons to make the switch to a Digital Planner!

So is digital the new paper? You be the judge!

There are sooooo many reasons why you should make the switch to a digital planner! I just wished I would have found out about them earlier than I did.

You get all the great things about a paper planner like the feel of putting pen to paper.

Endless colored markers that don’t dry out.

Access to your planner anytime because if you don’t have your tablet with you, your planner syncs to your phone for on the go planning!

It has a SEARCH function! Forgot where you wrote something or just in a hurry? No problem. Just type it in the search and it will pull up anything related. How cool? You can’t do that with a paper planner.

If you lose your digital planner, you can recover it from a backup, if you lose your paper planner, well, you’re out of luck unless some kind soul finds it and returns it.

There’s so much flexibility with a digital planner. Need more pages? Just add some more. Made a mistake writing something? Just erase it!

When you use and Undated planner, you can start over with it year after year! No more buying a new planner every year, unless you just want a new look!

Digital STICKERS! As many as you want! To use over and over!

Check out two of our planners!

Got a recipe? Save it in the planner.

Lots of people even use their planner as a memory book. They write about their day and save photos they took that day.

Finance planner. Keep up with your financial goals and bills all in one spot!

There are trackers! You can track your water intake, your exercise routine. Write down new habits you are trying to start.

Brain dump and write down any ideas you have.

Keep your passwords in one place. Never forget a website password again.

Blog post and content ideas. Social media posts.

If you homeschool as we do, keep up with your kid’s school work and activities.

I mean, the list could go on and on! This just gives you an idea of the possibilities that are possible!

Want more? Check out this getting started with digital planning class from Creative Fabrica! 

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